Protective Services

Our Priority is our
Client's Safety and Privacy

The Tricon Security team prides itself on our expertise in providing protective services for our clients.

Our team's high-tech approach to Protective Services combines highly trained security personnel with a tactical operations team. Each of our operations teams are supported by our Tactical Operations Command (TOC), which is comprised of military personnel, intelligence analysts and homeland security experts.

Tactical Operations monitors events both domestically and internationally and is in constant communication with security personnel to assure any security concerns are seamlessly mitigated.

Tricon's broad network of security and tactical support teams assures the safety of our clients, and in the event there is a security concern, Tricon's Tactical Operations team kicks in to action identifying the potential threat and deploying the proper assets needed to provide preemptive actions to assure our client's safety.

If you are concerned about the safety of your executive team while traveling abroad, contact Tricon Security for an overview of our services.

Our services include:

  • Residential Protective Coverage
  • Corporate Security Protective Services
  • Public Appearance & Special Event Protection
  • Film Production & Performance Tours
  • Cross Border Operations
  • Global Protective Services

For more information about Tricon Security's Intelligence Services, call 877-641-2600 or email