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360° of security service for the entertainment industry

The Tricon comprehensive security package is custom tailored to your requirements to provide 360° of service.

The executive management team at Tricon understands the dynamic nature of the entertainment industry. Our team has an extensive background in providing comprehensive security services for our movie clients. Tricon provides security services for media and entertainment companies throughout North America. As the movie industry grows in the Detroit area and throughout the State of Michigan, Tricon has been there, providing security services for over 70% of the productions filmed in the state.

Our team is committed to providing the highest level of service. We are more than a security company; we are your Security-Plus Partner. No matter what you need, we are there for you.

Contact a Tricon representative to plan a security strategy for your next media production.

Tricon Security leads Michigan's movie industry in providing on-site and celebrity security services.

Click on the panels below to see a complete listing of movies, television and commercial productions that Tricon Security has provided security services for.

  • 2001 8 Mile {universal Pictures}
  • 2004 The Island {Dreamworks}
  • 2006 Transformers {Dreamworks}
  • 2007 Semi-pro {New line Cinema}
  • 2007 Jumper {20th Century Fox}
  • 2008 Whip It {Babe Ruthless Productions}
  • 2008 Butterfly Effect-Revelation {After dark Films}
  • 2009 You Don’t Know Jack {Royal Oak Films LLC}
  • 2009 Vanishing on 7th Street {Vanishing Film LLC}
  • 2009 Red Dawn {Wolverine Production Delaware LLC}
  • 2009 Little Murder {Cine Grande Films}
  • 2009 Game of Death {Game of Death Productions LLC}
  • 2009 Flipped {East of Doheny}
  • 2010 Vamps {Vamps LLC}
  • 2010 The Double {Agent Two LLC}
  • 2010 Transformers “Dark of the Moon” {DW Studios Productions LLC}
  • 2010 Street Kings “Motor City” {Street Films}
  • 2010 Salvation Boulevard {Salvation Boulevard Film LLC}
  • 2010 S.W.A.T “Firefight” {Stage6 Films, Inc.}
  • 2010 Real Steel {Dreamworks LLC}
  • 2010 L.O.L “Laugh Out Loud” {LOL Productions LLC}
  • 2010 A Merry Harold and Kumar Christmas {Santa Stash LLC}
  • 2011 The Five Year Engagement {Drunkin Pig productions}
  • 2011 Have a Little Faith {Mcgee Street Productions}
  • 2011 Freaky Deaky {Freaky Deaky Films LLC}
  • 2011 Alex Cross {TAC Productions LLC}
  • 2012 Only Lovers Left Alive {Bad Blood Films}
  • 2013 How to Catch a Monster {HTCM LLC}
  • 2013 Division 19 {Division 19 Production}
  • 2013 It Follows Iit Will Follow Productions}
  • 2013 ESPN GameDay “University of Michigan VS Notre Dame University Football” (ESPN Productions)
  • 2013 Top Gear U.S. Season 5 “Americas Biggest Cars Episode”
    (Sun Never Sets Production LLC.}
  • 2013 Extreme makeover “Weight Loss Edition” Plymouth Mich. episode
    {ABC Production}
  • 2011 ESPN GameDay “University of Michigan vs. Notre Dame Football”
    {ESPN Production}
  • 2011 ESPN GameDay “University of Michigan vs. Ohio State Basketball”
    {ESPN Production}
  • 2007 ESPN GameDay “University of Michigan vs. Ohio State Football”
    {ESPN Production}
  • 2010 Daughtry "September" Music Video
  • 2013 B.A.P “Badman” Music Video {Sunset Productions}
  • 2013 “Concept Car Commercial” {Dark Spark Productions}
  • 2013 “Chrysler Made In Detroit” {Caviar Films}
  • 2013 “American Express Detroit” {Wondros Global Films}
  • 2013 “Russian Federation Hockey Team Ad Featuring Pavel Datsuk”
    {Red/Orange Productions}
  • 2013 “Dodge 100th Anniversary for L.A. Auto Show” {Avalon Films}
  • 2013 Chrysler “Christmas” Ad {Aero Films}
  • 2013 Henry Ford Hospital Sponsor for Detroit Lions 2013 Season.
    {Popcorn Productions}
  • 2013 Toyota Rav4 commercial {Strider Productions}
  • 2011 H&R Block {Skunk Productions LLC}
  • 2010 Dodge Ram Super Bowl Ad {Avalon Films}
  • 2010 U.S Marine Corp. Ad Superbowl
  • Hung {HBO Production} Season 1 2009, Season 2 2010, Season 3 2011
  • 2008 Prince of Motor City {ABC Production}