Logistics Services

Protecting Your
Company's Assets

Tricon’s team excels in working with logistics companies to secure large fleets of vehicles or facilitating the storage of big ticket items.

Our years of experience and our exceptional safety record has allowed us to provide our services throughout the United States. As a minority owned business, Tricon can help you achieve your diversity spend requirements.

Tricon Security can provide you with the following services:

  • Uniformed security officers
  • Yard operation staffing
  • Drive away program management
  • Yard inspection technology
  • Yard Inspectors
  • Investigative services
  • Yard maintenance
  • Vehicle, product and asset security tracking
  • $6 million in general liability insurance

Tricon Security professionals are experts in providing a secure environment for your fleet and transportation needs. Following are a couple of examples of our services:

  • Major fleet car carrier: Tricon Security officers coordinate security services with a major fleet car carrier in conjunction with a fortune 500 automotive manufacturers’ "drive away" program. Tricon Security officers follow all policies and procedures of both the fleet car carrier and the automotive manufacturer, to ensure proper security of vehicles.
  • Automotive security since 2000: Tricon Security has worked with a Fortune 500 automotive manufacturer's new vehicle logistics department, securing an average of 40,000 vehicles per day in holding lots located throughout the United States. In addition, Tricon Security supervisors work closely with suppliers to secure assets in a multitude of storage yards, rental car agencies, parking garages and auto dealership lots.