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About Tricon SystemsTricon Security focuses on the special security requirements of your business. We identify the specific needs of your company and provide strategic security solutions to assure your company and people are properly protected.

Tricon provides a multitude of security services from uniformed security officers, logistics services and investigative services to media, entertainment and executive protection and intelligence services.

Tricon Security has partnered with Actron Systems to expand our electronic surveillance services which include CCTV, access control, intrusion alarms, criminal tethers and GPS monitoring systems. This expansion of services allows us the ability to provide a full complement of services assuring you 360° of protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Virtual Presence™ — Live Dedicated Remote Security.

Virtual PresenceWe are proud to announce our newest service called Virtual Presence™ — Live Dedicated Remote Security. Because staffing property with costly, and many times ineffective security guards can be a financial liability; business managers are turning to Actron System's Virtual Presence — Live Dedicated Remote Security.

Using today's latest advances in technology and communications, we can remotely monitor your facility from our command center to offer you complete and comprehensive security. Click here to learn how Virtual Presence — Live Dedicated Remote Security can save you up to 60% off your annual security budget while providing a highly effective security service.

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Michael C. Whittaker
President and CEO Tricon Security

Mike Whittaker is a veteran security services expert with more than fifteen years of security and protective services experience. His passion for security services combined with his ability to formulate strategic security plans has established Mike as a leader in the industry.

Having served as President/CEO and Co-Founder of Tricon Security and the owner of Tricon Security Services, Mike has lived by one simple but powerful standard: to offer the highest quality customer service available in the security industry. With a diverse background in the field of law enforcement and private security, Mike realized the need for partnering with his clients by providing exceptional customer service thus branding the term 360° of service.

Mike's concept of 360° service has evolved into business relationships with a wide variety of Fortune 1000 companies across North America and internationally. With a hands-on business approach, Mike has instilled this concept of 360° service throughout his entire company. As an active member in the community, Tricon Security is affiliated with numerous organizations and trade associations, such as NSA, ASIS and the Detroit Chamber of Commerce. As a partner with Actron Systems, Mike has combined Tricon's 360° of service with Actron's Virtual Presence — Live Dedicated Remote Security for a comprehensive service offering that is unmatched in the industry.

You can reach Mike by phone: 877-641-2600

Ben Aycock

Benjamin F. Aycock, Jr., CEO and President of Actron Systems, is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University where he earned a degree in business finance he also did graduate work at University of Michigan. Ben has been with ACTRON for 46 years. From 1968 – 1981 Ben was responsible for developing Actron Security as a Certified Minority Security Business. As Vice-President of Actron, he was responsible for the development of CCTV systems, burglar and fire alarm projects. Through the 90’s as President of Actron Security, Ben led the company in the development of their Closed Circuit Television Division that serviced clients on a local and national level. During this time Actron developed their stronghold in Detroit and Wayne County with the implementation of GPS tracking services, Criminal and Alcohol Tethers and CCTV. Through Ben’s leadership, Actron Systems has evolved in to a global company and partnered with Tricon Security to create their new Virtual Presence – Live Dedicated Remote Security division. This innovative program provides a holistic solution to security technology. Through Ben’s vision and direction, Actron Systems has become the leader in high-tech security solutions

Herb Mahony

Herb Mahony is a law enforcement and security services expert. With more than 30 years of law enforcement experience, Herb has served in numerous positions in several departments. Through his career, Herb has served as Corrections Deputy, Patrol Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant and Chief of Police in Milan, Michigan. He also served as Undersheriff and Chief Deputy for the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Herb served as Executive Vice President of Tricon Security from 2009 through 2012. His responsibilities included business operations, event management and executive protection services. Herb currently manages all security services for the company. Herb's experience and dedication to security services has made him an asset to Tricon security. He has Minority Certification.

Dale White

Dale White is the Senior Vice President for Tricon Security Group and is responsible for operations and human resources. He has 40 years of experience in retail, industrial, event, and private security, and most recently was president of the Michigan Contract Security Association (MCSA) for five years.

As president of the MCSA, he worked with Michigan lawmakers to promote legislation to improve the professionalism and accountability of Michigan’s private security companies. Prior to this position, Dale was an executive manager with the Dayton-Hudson Corporation for 16 years. There, he supervised the security of 18 locations and conducted internal investigations for the company. In 1994, he left Dayton-Hudson to start his own security consulting company. Dale also served on the Wayne County Homeland Security Counsel and as a Special Deputy for the Wayne County Sheriff's Department.

Dale attended Michigan State University where he majored in law enforcement and Wayne State University where he majored in psychology. He also attended the Detroit police academy in 1976 and is a long-standing member of the American Society for Industrial Security.

Timothy McAtee

Tim McAtee is the Vice President of Operations for TRICON Security Group reporting to the President & CEO. He is responsible for ensuring that business policy and imperatives are being accomplished. He also oversees the development of concept of operations while ensuring all active operations are moving according to plan and that all standards, policies and procedures associated with each operation are implemented properly. Tim also oversees the administration of operational budgets and timelines.

Tim is a combat veteran who while overseas served in several significant military operations. He served in the United States Marine Corps as a Marine Scout Sniper, Combat Water Safety Swimmer, Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor and School of Infantry Instructor. Following an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps, he went on to serve in the Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service, High Threat Worldwide Personal Protection Service (WPPS). While with the State Department Tim served as the Tactical Commander of several teams including: Tactical Support Team in Baghdad and the PSD Team in Tikrit. He was recruited out of the State Department by the CIA where he performed similar duties on classified projects. While with the CIA, Tim moved into several leadership positions.

Throughout his career, Tim has accumulated a vast amount of tactical, operational and security experience. The combined skills he acquired throughout his work oversees and with U.S. Government agencies are demonstrated and utilized in TRICON day to day operations. He is a family oriented individual with strong leadership skills and values. His extensive security experience coupled with a strong personal foundation provides a positive catalyst for success within TRICON Security Group.

Laura Castro

Laura Castro is the Regional Director of Operations for Tricon Security Group. She's responsible for coordinating security, training, investigations, and intelligence reports for Tricon's commercial business around the world. Laura is also responsible for allocating the appropriate staff among active tactical and business development operations, managing active operations staff, and managing the development of operational and business intelligence.

Laura has a background in research and intelligence with a focus on organized crime as well as logistical operations. She obtained a Baccalaureate degree in Criminal Justice and is currently in the process of receiving a Master’s of Science degree in Homeland Security from San Diego State University.

Laura also served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves. Her time in the service was focused on logistical support and coordination. In the Marine Corps, Laura oversaw the management of 25 marines and sailors ensuring they met Marine Corps standards. She developed efficient systems and protocols for the execution of the mission and assessed the overall effectiveness of the unit as a whole.

Chet Putek

Chet Putek leads the Logistics Division of Tricon Security Group. He provides clients with superior leadership during critical transition phases, including hiring professional staff, implementing safety process, writing business plans, and installing effective management information systems.

With a strong knowledge of both cash and accrual accounting systems, Chet has experience in all aspects of financial forecasting, resource allocation, fund management, and control.

Chet holds a Bachelor's degree of Business Administration from Central Michigan University.

A MMSDC-Certified Company

Tricon Security is proud to be certified with the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council. If you are a corporation who supports minority businesses, Tricon Security will guide you through the steps to assure you are meeting your diversity spend guidelines.

As a Michigan Minority Business Supplier, Tricon Security provides outstanding service. We are committed to developing fulfilling careers for the people of our community. Give us a call today to discuss how we may assist you with our services. Call: 877-641-2600

IKEA North America

TRICON Security is contracted to provide opening event security and traffic control for all IKEA Store openings in North America. Tricon assists the IKEA team through emergency planning, traffic flow development, and grand opening security and traffic control.

Electric Forest Festival

Viewed as one of the top music festivals in the country. Tricon staff facilitates with all facets of security for this premiere event. Tricon managers assist in the preplanning and deployment of security personnel. Tricon deploys over 200 officers to the remote site to provide event security along with Michigan State Police, and other contract security. Tricon staff is supported by the Tricon logistics division for all of their needs providing tents, buses, and equipment.


Vascor Ltd. is a third party logistics (3PL) provider to the automotive industry and was formed in 1987 as a joint venture business entity. Vascor provides logistics and vehicle storage services for several automotive companies. Tricon works directly with Vascor management to provide logistics support and lot security. Tricon security staff manages all vehicle lots controlling both inbound and outbound vehicle deliveries. Tricon provides all reporting of logistics and storage documentation. Tricon has successfully served Vascor for over ten years.

Arts, Beats and Eats

Arts, Beats & Eats is a Labor Day Weekend music festival held in Royal Oak, Michigan. The festival is sponsored by local businesses and attracts over 350,000 visitors during this event. Tricon Security has been the sole security provider for Arts, Beats and Eats, since 2003. Tricon Security officers secure guests, vendors and musicians throughout the city while daily business is conducted. Traffic control, advance planning, public safety liaison, and crowd management are only a few of the tasks required for Tricon Security officers.

The SAE World Congress

The SAE World Congress is a four-day SAE World Congress is held at Cobo Center in Detroit and attracts over 35,000 registered attendees from 47 nations; U.S. attendees represented 49 states. Established in 1932, the SAE World Congress has grown to be the most effective sales generating medium for automotive industry decision-makers in the world. Tricon Security has handled the overall security for the SAE World Congress since 2003. Duties include public safety coordination with Federal and Local law enforcement, event security, executive protection and advance security planning.